Grand Ballroom

The historic Grand Ballroom, modeled after the famous Casino on Catalina Island, overflowed with music and starlets at its infamous grand opening more than 75 years ago. In July of 1937 more than 1000 guests celebrated that special evening debut of this seaside entertainment venue. Big bands played and were radio broadcast far and wide while dancers enjoyed the floating dance floor, patio dining and ocean breezes.

The highly domed ceilings of the ballroom, dance floor and central stage make a perfect setting for your wedding reception, private party or fundraiser event, easily accommodating up to 300 guests. Adjoining buffet area and Lounge can service guests before and during your event. Thick vintage velvet curtains can seclude the dining/entertainment venue as your guests arrive for that perfect surprise. Lighting and décor can transform the Grand Ballroom from the most casual and festive venue to an intimate, candlelit celebration.

History Hall

Our History Hall can be an important addition to your special event planning, offering a warm and comfortable area adjacent to the historic Grand Ballroom for your guests. This is the only locale on the property where the original 1937 wood flooring could be saved, offering a unique memory of dancing and dining at the Casino.

In keeping with the history of the property, we have furnished the hallway with eclectic vintage and antique furniture for your guests to enjoy. Many original photos of the North Beach area are on display, and don’t miss our timeline of the long life of the Casino San Clemente.

History Hall is the natural walkway for your guests to the Rock Garden for wedding ceremonies, cocktail hour, etc. before the debut of the opening of the Grand Ballroom. For fundraisers, the Hall can be transformed to a silent auction display area or additional cocktail and seating as required.